Customs clearance

Specialize in Heavy Construction Equipment. Rail and road transport, river barges, ocean and air transport for both import and export traffic are some of them.

Sea freight

We offer reliable ocean freight services on competitive pricing. Ocean freight now-a-days is helping supply chains achieving competitive pricing and at the same time getting faster deliveries due to lesser transit times. Competitive Ocean Freight & Destination Charges are our hallmark of Consignee Selling for Importers in Pakistan. Likewise for Exporters in Pakistan & International Clients, our flexibility to operate Uni modal & Multimodal Services, Buyers’ Consolidation, Container Stuffing in line with Purchase Order & Vendors Supplies/ Production schedules, Shipment Pre-alerts, Freight Arrival Advices, Proof of Deliveries, Carriers’ follow-up Services make us stand above the lot.

Air Freight

Jannat Logistics Pvt Ltd specializes in providing expert international air freight services to any business or individual. We offer custom tailored air freight logistics solutions for a wide range of goods. With in-depth knowledge of managing air logistics operations worldwide, our team handles all kinds of normal and urgent freight services. Get a quick and accurate quote now. Airfreight & Logistics operations are offered at all major commercial cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Sialkot & Islamabad for Domestic, Import & Export shipments.

Automobile import and export

From Mercedes to Mack Trucks, JSP is the freight forwarder of choice for international auto shippers worldwide. We provide the finest international vehicle shipping solutions in the industry, via air or ocean. Our logistics pro’s coordinate every aspect of the vehicle shipping process to ensure fast delivery and error free seamless transactions. We create all the documentation; handle all legalization, insurance and customs issues on your behalf while preparing your car or truck for the journey. Once in transit, we keep you informed and updated along the way with texts, pics, and even video off air loads and off loads.

Heavy machinery import and export

Importing heavy equipment can be challenging because we must follow both export & Import. The shipping company must be able to consolidate your heavy equipment into a Check import regulations for the country to which you are exporting.

International Delivery

Looking for an international courier? You’ll find everything you need to make the world feel much smaller. We offer reliable international delivery tailored to local conditions. You enjoy an unbeatable choice of speed and value. We go almost everywhere, through trusted delivery partners with expert knowledge.



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